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I purchased the chess set for my daughter and it is absolutely beautiful! She is over the moon to have such a quality travel set and the customer service was above and beyond expectations. I will definitely order from Ozgur again. Let the mother daughter chess tournament begin! (Truth be told: she bests me every match)

Anna Kneen

This large duffel/messenger bag is stunning. I had the seller add a trolley strap, and it works perfectly with my rolling briefcase. Thank you so much! I will order again. Excellent service.

Yvette Dominee

They answered so quickly and even went above and beyond to make sure i was satisfied with my purchase. It turned out that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the bag. I was even nervous thinking it would look girlish for my husband as it was an anniversary gift, he told me it was unisex, and he was RIGHT! My husband loves the bag! And this seller made it even more special by engraving my husbands favorite scripture. BEST BAG! The leather is amazing! All buckles are very sturdy and the little key to lock the bag was a delightful surprise :) we love this store and it was a pleasure to buy from them. OH and let me not forget to mention the amazing shipping, i received it in 4 yes FOUR days! Definitely deserves 10 stars!

Nilsa Matos

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