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This travel chess set has a 20" leather tournament sized chess board, which makes the bag when it rolls up. It rolls up and fits into the external frame that has a cap at both ends and a shoulder strap so it turns into a travel chess set. It is a leather travel chess set like you've never seen.

The heavy weighted wooden chess pieces of this travel chess set are made by craftsmen in Turkey and have felt bottoms. Each piece has unique variances just as wood does. This chess set contains small pieces: please keep them away from small children, hungry dogs, and vacuums.

Ever had a road trip with the family? Or a long train ride? A travel chess set, on the other hand, is a wonderful opportunity for the family to come together and spend time communicating and having fun. This chess set can withstand the test of time and be in your family for generations.

Chess has many lessons to teach us. And when you give someone a chess set, you keep that message alive and encourage people to spend their time more productively. But how exactly does chess help us? It teaches us to think before we make a move and sacrifice when there’s no way out. They teach us when it’s the right time to stand our ground and when we are better off just walking away altogether.

A chess set, even a luxurious one is not an evident present that everyone would expect. It can be a pleasant surprise and cause a wave of appreciation among the other guests. Surely there are presents that are anticipated for certain events, but chess is not usually on that list, so it will be a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys the game already or just starts their first steps in this direction. so take your pick and surprise someone you love.

Chess has proven over and over again to be completely timeless. It has survived wars, revolutions, crusades, invasions, new wars and even outlived some civilizations. Chess has been around for centuries and it is still going strong. When you present someone an exceptionally crafted set with superb chessmen, you can be sure that no matter how much time will pass, years, or decades, this set will still spread the importance of intelligence, love, understanding, and hope. Because no hope is lost while the king is still standing

Dimensions (W x H)

Exterior: 20" x 20"

Traveller's Leather Chess Set

Stok kodu: chessset1001
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